The Jesus Follower’s Essential Guide to Color Visualization & Meditation

color visualization meditationColor visualization meditation isn’t hocus pocus and it isn’t a series of hoops you need to jump through to receive healing. The technique isn’t something reserved solely for those well-versed and practiced in the art of meditation. In fact, having something specific to focus on can be a big help for those just getting started!

Visualization and meditation are known tools for settling the mind and spirit, lowering our fight or flight response and increasing our rest and digest response.

Color visualization meditation is a great method for achieving these results!

This post and the accompanying e-book lean on commonly accepted color theories used in advertising, psychology, cultural idioms and religious symbolism, then associates verses that correspond with the theory for each color. I’ve included a scripture-based mantra for each color. Be sure to grab your copy of the free “Jesus Followers Essential Guide to Color Visualization Meditation” eBook! You’ll find the link  near the bottom of this post. The eBook will walk you through exercises for color visualization meditation, plus extra verses for each color that aren’t listed in the post. You don’t want to miss it!

color visualization meditation

Like always with my writing, there are spaces where I allowed myself to be more spirit-led than research-led. In this post, I felt most spirit-led in writing the theory of each color when set in opposition to the gospel, as well as the mantras for each color.

When looking at new methods for our mind, body, spirit connectivity work, it is important that we stay mindful that all things are created by, through and for Christ. We mustn’t distort our dependence on his perfect love with a hyper-focus on any one thing he’s created. It’s a silly, ineffective way to operate!

Instead, we consider how we might use what he’s created to improve connectivity within, with others and with God. In our pilgrimage, we remain mindful that nothing is higher than he!

Color Visualization Meditation

Color Visualization Meditation Techniques

Meditation is an overarching term that includes countless methods. This term is similar to “dance” or “sports” or even, “religion”. Below are just two methods that lend well to color visualization meditation.

Rainbow Method Technique

The Rainbow Method Technique is a color visualization meditation exercise that moves easily through each color of the rainbow. After settling into a comfortable position and allowing the breath to bring relaxation, simply move through the colors of the rainbow, ROY G. BIV. Allow time to picture items and landscapes that include each color, noticing how the colors make you feel.

After moving through the rainbow one to two times, allow your mind to relax and see if a color returns to your focus once the series is complete. If any color proves difficult, use the mantra and verses for that color to claim healing and growth. Over your next few sessions, use the Mindful Breathing method to reinforce and affirm.

mindful breathing meditation

The idea of mindful breathing meditation is implied in its name! Simply rest in an awareness of your breath, noticing the rise and fall of your chest and belly, feeling of breath in your nostrils. I also like to notice any sensations on the scalp, skin and soles of the feet.

Here’s an approach I’ve created that works well with color visualization meditation. You may wish to set a number of minutes on a timer or simply note the time at the beginning and end of your practice.

  1. Select a focus color from the list below.
  2. Sit or lie comfortably with eyes closed.
  3. Let your body breathe naturally.
  4. Notice how inhaling and exhaling affect different parts of your body. Note the natural pause your body takes between inhale and exhale. Your body is doing exactly what is needed without conscious direction.
  5. Visualize that you are sitting in a room facing a window covered in a curtain of your focus color.
  6. The room is dark but you feel safe as you wait for what is yet to be. This is a place of faith and hope. There is no fear.
  7. Visualize the sun rising and increasingly bringing light through the window. As the sun rises, it gradually brings more and more colored light to your room, until you and everything in the room are bathed in color.
  8. Bask in the feeling of the color and the gifts it represents rather than the words. For example, with blue, try resting in a feeling of peace rather than beating the word PEACE into your brain.
  9. This approach takes practice. When your thoughts stray and you begin second guessing yourself, be compassionate. Silently repeat the mantra included for your focus color in gratitude. These mantras are affirmations of faith, the speaking in confident hope of what is yet to be (Hebrews 11:1).

color symbolism

In preparation for color visualization meditation, we’ll look at the colors of the rainbow, with indigo and violet combined as purple, as well as black and white due to their spiritual significance.

what does the color red symbolize?

color visualization meditationEnergy, Passion, Fire

Danger, Anger, Fight or Flight Response

Humanity and Physicality


When we first look at the color red’s meaning in the Bible, the most obvious identifier is the blood of Jesus Christ. Interestingly, the name Adam means, “to be red” and may indicate the red clay or earth from which the first human was created. God’s creative energy or spirit was breathed into Adam and gave him physical life. Then with Jesus’s sacrifice at the cross, eternal life was granted.

The color red symbolizes extremes and is associated with primal life forces of blood and fire. It draws our attention faster than any other color, hence its use in alerting us to danger. Red symbolizes positive energy and passion but can also express anger. Many color therapists advise against focused attention on red for too long.

How fascinating that the color uniting humanity with redemption stirs up alerted passion and energy. Depending on our season, this could bring feelings of disruption or passionate action. It’s important that we don’t skip the discomfort in any transition. It is integral to our growth mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

When aligned with the gospel, red gives energetic, passionate pursuit of life-giving activity and the yielding to holy processes. When opposed to the gospel, red ignites anger, rage, irritability, bullish behavior, with each leading to burn out.

Mantra for Red

The Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my redemption. ~Psalm 118:14 (ESV)

what does the color orange symbolize?

color visualization meditationOptimism and cheer

Deep understanding

Freedom, shaking off repression

Motivation and enthusiasm

Orange combines the energy of Red and the joy of Yellow to create positive momentum. It helps assimilate new ideas and leads to greater tolerance. Orange is freeing of the body and mind and supports deeper understanding of what is needed to maintain optimum physical health.

When aligned with the gospel, orange encourages contentment, cheer and enthusiasm. When in opposition to the gospel, the color orange symbolizes manipulative intent, pride, arrogance and desire for mastery over others.

Mantra for Orange:

I am free to be glad in all of my days! ~FROM PSALM 118:24


what does the color yellow symbolize?

color visualization meditation

Joy and Positivity

Wisdom and Clarity



The color yellow symbolizes both logical thought and spiritual discernment, which when combined yield wisdom. Yellow is commonly known as a color of light, laughter, freshness and a positive mental state. Yellow and gold are also associated with fire. In the Bible, fire represents the mighty, all consuming presence of God and the Holy Spirit. Alternatively, we have the idiom “yellow belly” which indicates cowardice.

In line with the good news of the gospel, yellow indicates the presence of God, joy, positivity, wisdom, clarity and remembrance of God’s promises. In opposition to the gospel, yellow can highlight a distancing of self from God, judgement toward self or others, worry, negativity, paranoia, confusion and doubt.

Mantra for Yellow

in wisdom, i trust god. joy waits for me there.                                        ~from proverbs 1:7 & 16:20, Psalm 19:8


what does the color green symbolize?

color visualization meditationNature, Life Giving, Growth

Harmony, Connection to Purpose

Vibrancy, Abundance, Refreshment


The color green symbolizes abundance and growth in the individual as well as nature, but of course also alludes to the spendable green. Green is soothing while still being active, vibrant, life-giving and motivational.

In line with the gospel, green indicates new beginnings made possible by abiding in and trusting our vine keeper. God is seen as a trustworthy provider in seasons of growth. There is a deeper connection to our purpose in Christ. We are able to live in harmony with others, offering grace and forgiveness freely.

In opposition to the gospel, green indicates greed and envy stemming from a lack of growth, scarcity and discouragement. These wants can also come from not having a clear purpose or not trusting God to provide what is needed.

Mantra for Green

all things are being brought together for good. when the time is right, God makes all things beautiful.                                              ~ROMANS 8:28 & ECCLESIASTES 3:11

what does the color blue symbolize?

color visualization meditationRelaxation, Calm

Devoted, Constant, Loyal

Pure, Sanctified, Holy

Icy or Sad

Blue is the color of sky and sea, both ongoing constants in our world. The color naturally then  evokes feelings of consistency, peace and calm. The familiar idiom “true blue” comes from the sense of trustworthiness and stability provided by the color. Blue is also thought to spark creativity and inspiration. I love this aspect of blue! Can you relate to how effortlessly creative ideas and solutions bubble up when you’re in a place of peace and rest?

The Bible and depictions in religious artwork have laid a great deal of groundwork for how we interpret the color blue. Let’s go back. After God gives Moses the Ten Commandments, Moses, his brother Aaron, his nephews and 70 elders go up and see God with their own eyes. After that sinks in, note the gorgeous detail that follows. Exodus tells us God’s feet rested on what looked like a solid pavement of brilliant blue sky. Poignant that the blue of peace and constancy that we lean on is symbolic of where God rested.

Later in the same book, God tells Moses that the High Priest’s robe of the ephod should be made entirely of blue thread. High Priests were the only people allowed entrance to the Holy of Holies, the place where God’s presence rested in the Tent of Meeting. Annually, at Yom Kippur the High Priest entered this inner sanctuary to atone for the people. These are all important things to remember as we recognize Jesus as our Great High Priest who bore responsibility for our sin and counts us as precious and beloved.

Aligned with the gospel, blue points to holiness and open access to God who is trustworthy and steadfast. We find peace and emotional balance in the purification offered by Jesus Christ. In opposition to the gospel, blue indicates an icy, unforgiving disposition, deep sadness and inner friction.

Mantra for Blue

I am divinely equipped for steadfast peace and holiness.               ~from hebrews 13:20-21

what does the color purple symbolize?

color visualization meditationIntensity

Holy Love, Transformation

Unity with God, Spiritual Consciousness

Royalty, Sovereignty 

The color purple signifies royalty, priesthood and wealth. It is used in Lent and Advent to signify a focus on God’s sovereignty and the call for repentance. Our repentance and acceptance of God’s love clears the spiritual consequence of sin, revealing perfect unity with the divine. In non-religious spiritual circles, purple is symbolic of intuitive, spiritual consciousness.

In line with the gospel, the color purple symbolizes God’s holy love for us and the transformation we undergo as our sins are forgiven. In opposition to the gospel, purple signifies isolation, a need for power and control, being caught up in rigid protocols and leaning toward legalistic religion rather than a spirit-led relationship with God.

Mantra for Purple

holy love emptied itself out so i may be filled to overflowING.            ~ from Philippians 2:5-8

what do the colors white & Black symbolize?

White is the culmination of all colors. It is also the color used when describing the hair and robes of God, and the light emitted from any divine presence. All over the world, white is recognized as divine light. We are familiar with the reference to white, healing light. How beautiful for us to see a holy God represented by a color that includes all colors found in creation. Not that creation is itself divine, but that Christ is in it and each of us in him.

Black can have negative connotations, being associated with death, evil and mourning. As we close, I want to offer a different take, a gospel or good news perspective. When we walk outside on a dark night, we see little or no color. The color hasn’t ceased to exist. It just isn’t seen. In the creation story, we’re told God’s spirit hovered or vibrated over the deep. It was dark. He spoke and light came forth. This light revealed what existed in that moment, and it continued to reveal everything God brought forth. This is the mysterious hope held by the dark, an anticipation for things yet to come! Even as darkness represents ache, there is continual resurrection possibility in Christ.

First Color Visualization Meditation Exercise

Can you make this your first color visualization meditation, to picture your life as dark in the most optimistic way? In a space that is surrendered to hearing God’s voice call forth passion, optimism, joy, growth, peace and spiritual consciousness, I believe you’ll be on a path to holistic transformation.

Blessings, friends!

In fullness,

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  1. Now I know why my favorite color is always been blue! God has given us so many ways to see him, know him, to be moved toward him. I think colors are definitely one of those ways. Thanks for the rich content.

  2. Rachel I have always been fascinated with colors and their meanings. I had a draft I started two years ago in my wordpress, when we were first starting our blog, and I never continued on to complete it. You just inspired me to seek God’s heart on it. I LOVE this post so much! I remember in college, a professor had us walk through a similar color exercise, and interestingly at the time I loved the color of deep red. He had us meditate on sitting in empty rooms that had ceiling, floor and walls all the same color. So I did, and the red room was absolutely horible and the worst of the rooms. I was not able to sit and relax and hang out in it long at all. I imagined it coming alive to swallow me whole. I am interested in God taking me deeper into this color therapy. Wonderful post sweet friend! ❤

    1. That is so cool! I really hope you finish that draft. There is so much info out there but the voice I want to hear on it is God’s. I know you’d deliver!
      I wonder how color visualization meditation would work now for you using the color red. If it still felt alarming, you might be able to substitute crimson or scarlet and have it feel more redemptive! ✝️
      And isn’t that just a picture of what God’s love does in every aspect of our life? Where we see danger, he sees rescue! Where we hear alarm bells, he calls us by name and sends us back out with new passion. When we smell smoke, he puts our heart in a high place above the circumstance. There we can send up prayers that are like incense to him. 🙏🏼
      Thank you for sharing your story with me! I’m inspired to return to this exercise myself! ❤️

  3. I absolutely LOVE this! I’ve never heard of color visualization and meditation, but I’m eager to give it a try. My life has been filled with stressful things, and I’ve felt my anxiety getting the better of me at times. I think this type of mindfulness practice could be really useful for me.

    1. Thanks, Erin! Those scripture based mantras work outside of the color visualization meditation exercises, too. So in this season, starting with just the mantra could be very helpful. Seeing a reminder in your phone, sticky note or my new fave, on the bathroom mirror in dry erase ink, could help you reset your perspective. Just pick a color that speaks to you. The meditation part is very nice, but the connection with God is of course the most healing part! If we can sit still and rest, he’s there. If we can barely catch our breath, he’s there and will help us get back to rest. I’ll be praying for you that everything you’re facing brings you closer to God. ❤️

    1. That’s awesome, Tiffany! Visualization requires letting go with soft, relaxed focus and it’s near impossible for me in my own strength! I do find through practice and guided options, like the sunrise version in this color visualization meditation post, things flow smoother. Not nearly as much stopping and restarting trying to get it right. 🙄😂😄
      Hope you find it helpful, too!

  4. Hello and TY for this valuable information. I have reached a point in my spiritual walk with the Holy Spirit where I can close my eyes and see many colors instantly. My fav color has always been Purple. Seems I can control some but have also tried to use as help in a current situation. Have seen high-res images. I have worship songs playing in my head pretty much all day long in the background.

    It is good to be able to understand some significance to the colors. I knew purple was a good color I was seeing, though now I want to know more. Please reach out if you feel you can help me harness this flow with the Holy Spirit, if there is such a thing. 🙂

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