Some of the mantras published by Holistic Faith Lifestyle include a mantra. Since that may be new or worrisome for some readers, I wanted to provide a bit of info to help in your meditation practice.

What is a mantra?

A mantra is a phrase intended to help cut through the cluttered thoughts that often invade quiet meditation time.

Mantras are helpful in that the words are usually unfamiliar, therefore there is no frame of reference or memory associated with the phrase. Some find mantras helpful for quieting the mind, setting an intention and staying softly focused during meditation. I am one of these people!

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Are mantras ok for Christians?

When I’m following along with a guided meditation that uses Sanskrit mantras, I use it as it applies to my faith. I believe that references to surrender to or connectivity with the universe is interchangeable with God. I wholeheartedly believe all things are from God, in God and for God (Romans 11:36). “All Things” certainly encompasses the universe, so using Sanskrit terms that regard big picture themes doesn’t shake me up. At least not anymore. In the beginning, I did question it a good bit!


How are Mantras used Here on Holistic Faith Lifestyle?

This is why I use Hebrew or Greek for the mantras I write.

  • Because when I questioned how Sanskrit mantras applied to my walk, I was distracted and not at peace during meditation
  • And because I know the answer I arrived at isn’t necessarily the one you’ll arrive at
  • And I want each of you to feel comfortable and quietly focused during meditation
  • And also because I’m a language and Bible nerd

But a mantra isn’t necessary for meditation. So if you’re not in to it, just skip that part. This is your time so do it your way!

In fullness,

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