I’m glad you’re here and want to share a little about how I came to terms with a “holistic faith lifestyle”.

In desperation, after a decades-long struggle to draw lines in the sand with God & mark off “His & Hers” sections of my life, I ultimately decided to surrender in full. If God was knocking at the door of each and every wall I had built around my heart, I knew in order to experience the full benefit of this relationship, I was going to need to welcome him in one-hundred percent.

And now, years later, as a the all-in God-seeker behind Holistic Faith Lifestyle, I also get to work 1:1 with clients as a Flower Essence Practitioner, Wellness Coach, and Most Curious Explorer of Trapped Emotions and Energy. It is an honor to guide them through self-discovery exercises & empowerment work, my own Holy Spirit driven version of tapping meditation, & custom flower essence blends; whatever methods best support them as they identify and tear down their own heart walls. Seeing the Self and God through clear eyes lets them dream again, spark to life the God-given gifts that have been lying dormant and refresh the God-connection in every aspect of life so they can progress in their goals.

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I’m looking forward to helping you do the same! Get ready to cut ties to whatever has you feeling stuck whether that be in your thoughts, physical health, spirituality, emotions, relationships, or all of the above!

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A Holistic Faith Lifestyle recognizes the choices we have in our walk with God and responds by surrendering your entire self to God.  Approaching God in this honest and holistic way brings your faith to life in every aspect of your life!

In holistic health, there are 5 aspects of life that contribute to your overall wellbeing.

  1. Emotional 
  2. Physical 
  3. Mental 
  4. Social 
  5. Spiritual

In practicing a holistic faith, you’ll begin seeing God show up in fresh ways within every one of these aspects of life. What’s the trick? It’s that God has always been there. We’re the ones that need to show up and open up! Having an intention to seek God in all things is an eye-opening experience!

So whether it’s

  • margaritas with friends,
  • a solo hike,
  • or hectic morning with the kids, 

you’re fully aware your omnipresent God is there in the thick of it with you. Gone are the days of parceling out certain portions as “Mine” and “God’s”. It becomes obvious there is nothing you can hide from God! And greater still there is nothing you will want to withhold from God. You’ll see God is all in and you’ll want to be just as faithful in return!

Signs You Need a More Holistic Faith

I began pursuing a holistic faith when I realized not just how much I was struggling to keep certain parts to myself, but also how poorly I was doing in those areas. If I had uninvited God, that aspect of my holistic health was certainly lacking. That sense of unwellness presented itself in all sorts of ways.

  • Not feeling present.
  • Not acting like myself.
  • Not always knowing who “myself” was.
  • Experiencing emotional pain and even physical discomfort due to this inauthentic, dishonest living. 

To fully step into my identity in Christ, I needed a whole new beginning with God! There was no middle ground. It had to be a full surrender.

Tools for exercising Holistic faith

Every Holistic Faith Lifestyle blog post, meditation, affirmation, and resource created here, is intended to equip you for a full surrender so you may walk in holistic Christianity. Seeing things in wholes and inviting God into the entirety of your life is what this site is all about!

When you surrender in full, rather than parceling yourself out, you become more spiritually grounded and feel more supported in every aspect of life. It’s a beautiful exchange.

The top ways I’ve found to include God in the ordinary routines of life are:

Being honest with God about whatever I’m feeling, knowing it will never come as a surprise!

Practicing Guided Christian Meditation.

Speaking God’s Word over my life with Biblical Affirmations.


I’m Rachel Mayew, the all-in God-seeker behind Holistic Faith Lifestyle! My family and I love living on Florida’s Emerald Coast and can’t seem to get enough beach days or bike nights!

I’m grateful for the extensive work God has done to soften my heart and strengthen my trust in Him. I’m an Enneagram Type 3, often referred to as the ‘Achiever’.  Looing back, it’s really easy to connect the dots of how my view of myself and others, and my wounds informed how I saw God. Driven by the desire to be valued and accepted and measuring my own success by my productivity, I was often trying to convince God and myself of my worth. But when I finally got authentic with myself and vulnerable with God, I could see he was always doing the heavy lifting in my transformation. It let me rest in his comfort and find my worth in being his daughter. I’m looking forward to helping you discover how your individuality has been informing your view of God, too. It is such valuable information! And having it sets you free to successfully pursue your goals.

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