powerful daily affirmations

3 Questions to Inspire Powerful Daily Affirmations of Faith

This guide to developing powerful daily affirmations draws from God’s promises to you, all of which reveal a deep love for you.

Powerful daily affirmations are words you can easily use to reshape limiting thoughts, build confidence and influence your own behavior. This is possible because words and thoughts have power. But no other words hold more authority than those spoken by the Author of Life.

Affirmations don’t have to be based on one’s faith, but anytime we speak to our core and build ourselves up to make a change, we’ll find ourselves pulling support from our spiritual beliefs.

This 3-step process and the free guide to Writing Affirmations that Match What God Says About You empowers you to write a message straight to our heart, replace lies with God’s truth and enable a life of peace within yourself and in your relationships with others.

powerful daily affirmations

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What are POWERFUL Daily Affirmations?

Powerful daily affirmations are declarations of support or encouragement.  They can be repeated as reminders and catalysts in changing your outlook and level of success in specific areas of life.  Affirming these positive attributes creates a heightened focus on your goals, helping you better actualize them. They should include things that are already actively happening in your life mixed with those that are being developed or even hoped for in faith.

Thoughts are powerful because they influence decisions and behavior. When something influences a decision or behavior, it is shaping who you are and who you will become in the future.

Such an “aha” moment, right? To know that we are told to take our thoughts captive so that they glorify God, then to understand just how powerful this would be if put into practice?  If our thoughts are at the root of who we become, it makes perfect and righteous sense that we take charge and align them with the heart of God!


Why should I use powerful daily affirmations?

We receive and relay messages to ourselves and often process them as truth without giving them much thought.

There are always opinions on what success looks like and whether or not we have what it takes, where to place our priorities and what value we have to others.  The messages can come from external sources; media, family and friends, peers, bosses, and even the look we get from a stranger.

While many messages build our confidence, often we hear the negative at loudest volume.  Affirmations provide an oasis of mental reset and refreshment. They override all other messages by speaking directly to our spirits, intentionally, loudly and clearly, what we know to be true or even aim to be true.

What makes an Affirmation powerful?

  • It is actionable.
  • It is positive.
  • It is present tense.
  • It is specific!

Not “I can be patient with others.”, but “I am present with my children and patient with their childlike tendencies.”

Not “I want to be successful.”, but rather, “I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful.”

Not “I will be happy when <fill in the blank>”, but simply, “I am happy and confident.”


3 questions to inspire your powerful daily affirmations of faith

Powerful daily affirmations not only increase goal-awareness but also train your mind to be positive. As you affirm yourself, you develop a sensor that sets off an internal alarm whenever your thoughts fight back against those messages.

These 3 Questions will uncover the thoughts that need to be taken captive. Processing these questions and using the free guide to Writing Affirmations that Match What God Says About You will walk you through captivating and retraining your thoughts.

1. what do you think of yourself?

Don’t rush this first step! It will take work and the answer may be revealed in many different ways.

The waters can become murky if you mistake what you wish were true and what you should think as being your personal truth. To do this right and get down to the literal heart of the matter, you owe yourself time and compassion to answer this truthfully.

You may find that meditating helps. Are the thoughts that surface during your quiet time clues to what you believe about yourself? What do you think of yourself when you read the Bible? As you come across stories of forgiveness, love, or a bright future, what is your gut reaction?

Observe your response when receiving feedback from others. Whether it is positive or negative, your thoughts that follow tell a story! Try not judge what comes up. Finding out whether you’re thinking good or bad, correctly or incorrectly, godly or ungodly isn’t just missing the point it works in direct opposition to uncovering the real thought data!

Just notice and without fear, write them down for later review. The guide to Writing Affirmations that Match What God Says About You provides space for this, too.

2. who told you that?

Negative and conflicting thoughts surface throughout our entire life.  It is not healthy to jam them down without a thought.  Part of changing our outcome happens through acknowledging the difficult thoughts without immediately assigning value to them.  Don’t just assume they are correct!

Can you determine where messages are stemming from?  From whose voice?  Is it your own or someone else’s?  Have the external messengers earned the authority to shape your outcome?

This intel will be very valuable in crafting your affirmations!  Include them in your strategy.

“I forgive __________.”

“I am capable of and choose to _____________.”

“It is ok to feel ____________”.

You may know exactly where or who these negative thoughts originate.  If not, dig deep asking God for courage and wisdom. Pray for the ability to forgive if needed.  Letting go of this weight will free you to see yourself (and others!) the way God does.


3. What does God say?

If we’re working to remap our thoughts so they lead us to where we need to be, we can gather inspiration from the creator of our hearts.  We are image-bearers to a creative, intelligent, compassionate, patient, purposeful God.  It seems we should follow suit.

It is easy to feel a sense of overwhelm when trying to understand God’s thoughts on us.  I mean, it could go so many ways.  At least from a human perspective because though we have people we always love, our thoughts and feelings toward them can sway frequently and dramatically.  Clearly, and thankfully, God is not like us.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. -James 1:7 (ESV)

To help us understand God’s steady thoughts on us and desires for us, we can use scripture to inspect the Creator’s character, which is revealed so beautifully through the promises made to those who believe.

When a promise is made, it means the person initiating the commitment places value on what is being said and is undoubtedly aware of how valuable that commitment is to the other party. A promise is meant to build faith and trust.

Done right, it is a covenant, a vow, an unshakable bond.  God is willing and able to satisfy our deepest needs. This faithfulness beckons us to anchor our heart in the steady foundation of God’s own words.


train your mind to be positive

We all receive and relay messages to ourselves, and process them as truth, without much thought. Developing powerful daily affirmations is a great tool for learning to evaluate your thoughts and train your mind to be positive.

Know that your thoughts do influence your behavior and shape your outcome! When you begin writing daily Christian affirmations, invite God into your brainstorming session. You are called to be a co-worker of Christ and to be strong and courageous (1 Corinthians 3:9, Joshua 1:9)!


This Guide provides space to record your answers and includes scripture to use in writing your daily Christian affirmations. Remember! These promises are like a mighty sword helping you dissect the truth from deceit.

As you pull all of this together and develop your powerful daily affirmations, consider talking through your thoughts and questions with a trusted friend or mentor. Share this post and invite them to join you, then encourage one another with what you both wish the other’s heart could hear on a daily basis.  I bet it will be powerfully sweet stuff that will prove to be invaluable as you train your mind to be positive and shape your future!


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  1. Great stuff! Reminds me of a prayer prayed many times for us Mayews, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” (Rom 12:2). Also, this passage in Ps 34, “…keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies…” I have a notation by it that says, “even your own thoughts!” Renewing our thoughts are a must and sadly something I didn’t grasp for years. Grateful for your encouragement and pray anyone reading this has ears to hear your (His) message 💛

  2. I love that you pray that Romans verse over the family! I never thought of that Psalm 34 in terms of our own thoughts. That’s such good insight. I may be using that later this week! Thank you for your kind encouragement and love! XO.

  3. I love love love this! My husband does morning affirmations, and to be perfectly honest, I never really understood them. This makes it make so much sense. My favorite is about not being alone. Subscribing today so I can hear more ❤️

    1. Oh, I’m so glad! I started affirmations after reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod about 2 years ago. Life changing stuff & I give a little snippet of a review in the last post in this series. It can sound hokey, and feel that way at first, too! I’m glad this helps explain the “why” behind affirming yourself.
      PS: You may catch yourself intentionally affirming other people more often, too. I do with my husband, my kids, the grocery cashier. 😜
      Thanks for the follow! 😘

  4. These questions and affirmations are so powerful! One thing I am working on personally is speaking more kindly to myself and taking captive all the negative thoughts that come flooding in at times. Affirmations are becoming a huge part of my life now.

  5. Loving the process you worked through here to get daily affirmations with Biblical support. So often I hear people start with themselves and end with their future selves instead of ending with what God says. That makes all the difference.

  6. Rachel I don’t know if you realize it but you are a powerful writer. You ask questions that make me think also. Today this one really stands out to me …

    “Have the external messengers earned the authority to shape your outcome?”

    God has been talking to me about how much weight I give the voices of some hateful family members in my life. I need to be more careful whose voices I give authority to because my thoughts shape me and move me to action.

    Thank you sweet Rachel for another incredibly encouraging post!

    xoxo Donna

    1. Your kind words bring me a lot of encouragement to keep going!
      Yes, yes, yes! Isn’t it wildly empowering to recognize the power we hold in choosing our thoughts and who we listen to? I hate hearing you’re dealing with that but so thankful you have the right armor for the battle, friend!
      Have you read Beth Moore’s The Quest study? I think you’d enjoy it. She goes into leaning on God’s words more than the words of others in a very impactful way.

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