Today wraps up this series on Faith Based Affirmations, but of course the promises they are based on go on forever! The Bible is full of these treasures and I pray you’ll be blessed each time you uncover or rediscover his messages to your heart, knowing he is faithful to deliver on each and every one!

Here are a few Affirmations inspired by today’s verses, Hebrews 6:19 and Hebrews 10:23, that may apply to you.

I place my hope in my God. He is faithful.

He will finish the good work he has started in (me, my work, my family…).

I am loved.

I anchor myself to God’s promises.  His truth sets me free to hope.


Developing personal affirmations is an ongoing process.  Changing our thoughts has the power to change our outcome.  As we grow and circumstances change, so do our needs.  Remember to check in with yourself and amend as needed!

Here’s the guide from the initial post as a review.

  1. Trust that your thoughts do shape your outcome.
  2. Give any negative self-talk over to God. You may know exactly where or who these thoughts originate from.  If not, dig deep asking for courage and wisdom. Pray for the ability to forgive if needed.  Letting go of this weight will free you to see yourself (and others!) the way God does.
  3. Invite God into your affirmation brainstorming session. He’s called you as his co-worker and wants to build you up strong! (1 Cor 3:9 ESV)
  4. Share your thoughts and questions with a trusted friend or mentor. Invite them to boost you up with what they wish your heart could hear on a daily basis.  I bet it will be powerfully sweet stuff!

Wanting more resources?

These won’t lay out your affirmations, but they will give you motivation to detox your thoughts and set time aside for new habits.  Cheers to productivity!

I talk about Hal Elrod’s, The Miracle Morning, A LOT with friends and family because it seriously changed my life.  This is a simple to follow guide for getting the most out of your mornings, creating productive days.  Putting his “SAVERS” into practice really has given me more energy and motivation for tackling early morning, solo, quiet time.  Yes, you have to sneak it in before everything else in your day.  And yes, it does feel miraculous!

Switch On Your Brain, by Dr. Caroline Leaf delves into the physical and emotional impact of our thoughts.  Our emotions trigger physical and chemical responses in our bodies, which have a direct impact on our health.  She shows us how to choose life, get our minds under control, and reap the benefits of a detoxed thought life.

The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg is another oft-touted manual for setting and accomplishing goals.  This book explains why habits exist in humans and demystifies our ability to make lasting change.  We CAN do it!

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  1. You are rocking this blog business, Sister Grace💛 Love all the encouragement to dig deeper and let our minds be renewed by His Word and no one else’s… especially ours! Btw, I just finally got caught up on this entire series and gasped audibly when I saw my name 😂 I was all like, *oooohhhh… glad she’s included Psalm 34… love that one so much….* then, the gasp and grin. Love life’s little surprises like that 😍

    1. Thanks, Love! I’m glad you got a gasp and grin out of it! I was at first disappointed when I realized you wouldn’t get immediate notification like when tagging in FB. But I guess there is still room for fun surprise in all our digital communication!

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