Guided Meditation for Emotional Healing

Guided Meditation for Emotional Healing

This guided meditation for emotional healing is rooted in being honest with God, remembering we were masterfully created and equipped to feel each and every emotion. It is important then that we experience our emotions, process them, and in proper time release them for the sake of healing.

He heals the brokenhearted
    and binds up their wounds.
He determines the number of the stars
    and calls them each by name.
Great is our Lord and mighty in power;
    his understanding has no limit.”

~ Psalm 147:3-5

We have an amazing gift in Yahweh Rapha, the name for our personal God, who heals and comforts with unimaginable power and wisdom. So humbling to contemplate how The One who calls the stars by name also calls you to share your everyday routines and develop a personal relationship where all emotions are welcomed. Healing can be a painful process, but we are never alone.

So do not fear, for I am with you;
    do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
    I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

~ Isaiah 41:10

guided meditation for emotional healing

Emotional Acceptance

Here on the Gulf of Mexico, we’re well versed in what to do if caught in a rip current. There are instructional signs posted at most entrances. The drawing of a swimmer with directional arrows indicating a strong current beneath the surface educates the public on what to do if pulled away from shore. A colored flag system indicates when it is safe to swim. Even on what appears to be a calm, safe day to swim, a red flag indicates there is a nearly invisible current beneath the surface that forbodes entry to depths above knee-deep waters. Local parents shepherd their little ones at every beach visit with a call and repeat on “what to do if you’re pulled out.” It is wise counsel to provide this message even on calm days without the red flag.

This is because if one is caught in a rip current, fighting to stay afloat and swim back to the safety of the shore is an instinctive reaction but can deadly. Instead, it is advised to bob above the water, take one deep breath and in surrender, let the current sweep you out. Once outside of the current, it is possible to several breaths to calm and compose, then swim around the dangerous area to the safety of the shore. Most likely, a crowd will have noticed your difficulty and have begun calling for help. There’s a high probability that a lifeguard will be waiting for you just outside the current and assist you to shore. Accepting the presence and power of this great danger, following wise counsel, and accepting help are keys to overcoming a rip current.

Emotional acceptance is just like this. We can give in to our instincts by reacting to each and every pull or we can surrender by saying, “I am feeling {the thing I don’t want to feel} today.” With that acknowledgment and admission out of the way, we can manage ourselves, our reactions to additional stressors in the day, and know when to seek help.

Being Honest with God

Pain is a part of life and should be expected, but we shouldn’t cling to hurts like a merit badge, calcifying our hearts in self-defense, further hurting ourselves and others. Nor should we hide our pain assuming it means we are weak or somehow failing as Christians. We were created to feel, process, and heal. When done right, it draws us closer to God and equips us to love others.

Accepting the emotional truth of a tough situation gives you eyes to spot any emotional patterns and the resulting go-to reactions. This is actually a big benefit to daily meditation! As many meditation practices include time for “noticing the thoughts”, this skill is sharpened, becoming apparent even when you’re not meditating. When you gain this understanding of how your thoughts and emotions connect, it is easier to control your reactions and take things to God first in prayer. Even if it’s a quick, “Please, guide me now.” prayer.

Bringing emotions to God is an excellent example of taking thoughts captive! It also lets you fully understand you are able to walk through deep waters without being swept under, pass through flames without being consumed and survive a valley of death (Isaiah 43:2, Psalm 23:4). You can do all things through Christ Jesus and do them well with a spirit of love, power, and self-discipline (Philippians 4:13, 2 Timothy 1:7)!

Being honest with God and accepting your feelings negates any power the emotions hold over your life!

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scripture prayers for emotional healing

When emotions are not processed, our body absorbs that negative energy, deeply impacting the wellness of our mind, body, and spirit. Being honest with God is a great first step to opening up painful emotional wounds and allowing for true emotional healing. God is not offended by our humanity or our “ugly” feelings. No matter how we feel, God is faithful to beckon us closer. Laying out all of our emotions whether, through prayer, journaling or another creative expression can be tough at the start, but God is our ever-present help!


Christian Meditation for Healing

This Christian meditation for healing pulls inspiration from Psalm 139, particularly verses 5-6.

You’ve gone into my future to prepare the way,
and in kindness you follow behind me
to spare me from the harm of my past.
With your hand of love upon my life,
you impart a blessing to me.
This is just too wonderful, deep, and incomprehensible!
Your understanding of me brings me wonder and strength.” ~Psalm 139:1-6 (TPT)

We know our past, both our own decisions and things outside our control, impact our future, but I love The Passion Translation’s poetic version of this (and all the Psalms, really)! Where the NIV reads as “you hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me.”, the TPT expands on how God protects us from our past and prepares our future. Though there are consequences to everything in our life, this translation reminds us that God uses everything for good and redeems our spirit from harm.

Guided Meditation for Healing

This practice is a training exercise for noticing the thoughts and recognizing their emotional root. Go as deep as you like, but let go of expectations. True healing takes time. This practice instills the skills of noticing, accepting, yielding and releasing with the help of Yahweh Rapha. With practice, you’ll be able to make connections between your thoughts and emotions. It can be surprising how old hurts, thought to have already been healed and released can still be shaping your perspective and behavior.

  1. Settle into your seat and find a balanced, centered position. 
  2. Take the deepest breath of your entire day so far and sigh it out. Make it visible and audible, stretching the muscles in your face. Repeat this a few times and while you’re being a bit noisy with the breath remember the transformative spirit of God resides within you.
  3. Now begin to relax and once again breathe at your normal rhythm. Over the next few breath cycles, silently repeat the personal name for your God who binds your wounds and heals your broken heart, “Yahweh Rapha”.
  4. Gently close your eyes and feel your mind, body, and spirit begin to relax in the healing presence of God. 
  5. Notice your thoughts. Instead of letting these float by as we do with most meditation, check to see what emotions are tied to these thoughts. Attempt to do this without judgment. Be like a curious child lifting stones just to see what lies beneath.
  6. If thoughts turn to your daily task list, perhaps there’s an initial feeling of worry or anxiety. Then gently peeling that back, you may find there’s a long-standing push toward perfection in your own strength. Looking further, you may connect this attachment to perfection with a specific criticism or fear of abandonment in childhood. Maybe it’s a relationship that comes to mind and there’s an emotion that brews beneath the surface every time you think of this person. In this quiet space it shouldn’t take an analytical mind to find the emotional root of your thoughts. When we stop working towards controlling the thoughts and set the intention to gather data, the answers present themselves.
  7. Accept the emotional root just as it is. You may wish to say, “I accept that I am feeling ______ today.”
  8. Yield these unearthed emotions to God and release any temptation to section off parts of your life keeping specific memories or emotions hidden from God. God is intimately aware of you and everything contained in your heart. It is safe to admit your feelings here. Sit quietly for a bit and welcome the peace that passes all understanding which persists despite other emotional difficulties.
  9. In this unearthed and freshly tilled heart space, ask Yahweh Rapha to plant kindness, forgiveness, compassion, and peace that you may overflow with joy and hope.
  10. Breathe in a welcoming, cleansing breath and sigh it out.
  11. Rest quietly in the presence of God and when you’re ready open your eyes.


How to Get Started Meditating

Did you know Holistic Faith Lifestyle sends out weekly guided Christian meditations like this one every Monday? Subscribers receive links to the meditations 2 days before they become public on YouTube! Get signed up and start meditating today.

Be blessed and remember God wants every good thing for you. All that is asked is your belief. The heart change will follow!

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  1. Guided Meditation for Emotional Healing can be great as well for physical healing – at least in my experience. I also use it before doctor’s appointments and surgeries. You probably get the idea now that health-related matters tend to give me anxiety. Meditation through song and the scriptures are one of the main ways I battle that anxiety!

    1. That blesses me so much to hear! God gives us so many ways to connect and find peace. I’m inspired by you knowing your limits and including God in the solution. Meditation for emotional healing has been a huge help for me in taking thoughts captive and refusing to live in fear. Be blessed!

  2. I loved the analogy you used. It really made sense how we can do the same thing with our emotions as when we get caught in a riptide. Loved the advice you gave on how to heal those emotions as well.

    1. My pleasure, Mary! After years of meditating, there are definitely still times I feel antsy and busy in my brain. When that happens, I move to connecting with God in a different way or get active first and come back to meditation later. Go easy on yourself and start with just a few minutes. I’m glad the guided meditation for emotional healing is easy to follow!

  3. This is a brilliant post on Guided Meditation for Emotional Healing. I liked how you reminded us to be transparent before God and that healing takes time. Thanks for sharing the training exercise too, very helpful.

  4. I totally agree that being honest with God is the first step to taking your thoughts captives. God has our healing but He can’t heal what we hide from Him. It’s also amazing how just focusing on our breathing can help us center our thoughts.

    1. It is all so incredible how we were created to walk hand in hand with God throughout every day. Being mindful of our breathing is such a great way to get us grounded and allows us to rest in God even quicker. I hope this guided meditation for emotional healing helps whenever you need to take thoughts captive!

  5. I love how deep and practical your posts are. It’s like you reach through the screen to take your sister’s hand.

    I never realized before how when emotions aren’t processed, our body will absorb all that negative energy, deeply impacting the wellness of our mind, body, and spirit. That is SO true though!

    Thank you for this beautiful post sweet friend. Bless you Rachel! ❤

    1. Yep. That energy has to go somewhere. It was so eye-opening to me when I learned this and began paying attention to my physical response to my emotions. It’s the wildest thing and brings a whole new meaning to “fearfully and wonderfully made”! I believe all of our emotions and the physical responses are given to us for a purpose; to get our attention so we can address with prayer, forgiveness, and healing ASAP. That’s why I love this guided meditation for emotional healing. It doesn’t go too deep in this one exercise, but it helps us to begin paying attention and releasing our emotions to God.

  6. The emphasis, I think, should be on the God who heals and not so much on the act of meditation. However, it needs to be pointed out that we, as Christians must be more intentional and courageous about taking our past hurts before the Lord so we can find true healing in order to both lead emotionally healthier lives and also lead others to the Healer.

    1. Thanks, Summer. You’re right and that is the exact foundation of Holistic Faith Lifestyle ~ seeking sacred in the everyday. Or more simply said, seeking God first in all that we do. Meditation offers so many healing benefits and they are only amped when we involve our Creator.

  7. The Bible admonishes us to meditate on God’s Word. It’s so easy though to just read the Bible and not think about what we’ve read. Thanks for this encouragement. Many blessings!

  8. Thank you so much for this thoughtful post! I love how you use scripture along with meditation. I am going to use your guided meditation to practice giving my emotions to God and allow His Spirit to bring healing and peace.

    1. Thanks for reading, meditating, and commenting! I’m grateful God used this guided Christian meditation for emotional healing to bring you under his wing, allowing space to begin healing, and accessing greater peace. Be blessed, sister!

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