This Advent Meditation Series for 2022 brings grounding in a busy season so that when it’s time to engage in all the holiday celebrations, you’re spiritually rested and ready!

advent meditations

A new advent meditation will be shared in the Facebook Group each Sunday of Advent, as well as on Christmas Eve. Here’s the schedule.

  • November 27, FAITHFULNESS
  • December 4, HOPE
  • December 11, JOY
  • December 18, PEACE
  • December 24, Christmas Eve Meditation: Immanuel, God with Us!


What is Advent Season?

Advent teaches us to identify our current status as one of waiting. Just as ancient people awaited the fulfillment of a Messiah who would save the people from oppression, we too await the second coming. This messy middle of waiting, as we faithfully acknowledge all of the prophesies met in Jesus while clinging to hope for all the promises yet to come, culminates perfectly in the tradition of Advent.

Watch the trailer for 2022’s Advent Meditations now to see where we’re focusing our eyes this season.

See why Advent meditations are a perfect place to grow your daily practice!



Though we were born in different times and come from different places, there is a path that is native within each and every heart.  After all, we share the same origin story and tend a collective wound. Before our birth, before the resurrection, the manger, and even the fall, in the beginning, God created us and called our collective origin story “very good”.

We all know the holidays are more than the hustle and bustle, making lists and checking them at least twice. So this year, we’ll incorporate intention setting to set our eyes and hearts on higher, and yes, deeper things. And within the guided meditations we’ll lean into scripture to see how this path home was God’s plan all along! 

That hope, love, joy, and peace were never things we would need to strive to create on our own. But simply what we would inherit from our good and loving God, our Brother and our King. Come with me on this winding and hilly but altogether healing path. Let’s go home this Christmas and see how returning to Christ is our native path! 


Why Do Advent Meditations?

This Advent Meditation series is designed to help you pad your time with safe boundaries, a sense of margin, and an attitude of Sabbath throughout a very hectic season.

It is very difficult to slide into the season after our mind, body, and spirit are stretched too thin and then call for a quick time out. We need to establish guardrails now!

Just ahead there is a warm and cozy refuge, full of tender memory-making, with you using all 5 senses to be present in the moment, looking for cheer in every smile, and sharing hope where joy seems lost.  It isn’t hard to find. We’ve already been given the map within the promise of Christmas!

By answering God’s call to be found, we can thrive during the holidays and carry a centered focus with us into the new year!

Observing Advent encourages us to:

  • Check into the present
  • Remember the past
  • Look forward with hope

And if you’re familiar with meditation, you know it is a natural fit for supporting these intentions! Advent Meditation will not only protect your intention of staying grounded in the true meaning of Christmas, but it also builds in needed time for quiet reflection as you prepare for the new year.


Holistic Faith Lifestyle was created through my own desire to see God in every aspect of my life. I began inviting God to be revealed in my heart and in every aspect of my holistic well-being; mind, body, spirit, emotions, and relationships. God was generous to do so, just as it is for each one who seeks!

I look forward to meditating with you this season and always!

Be blessed,

guided christian meditation