Welcome to Holistic Faith Lifestyle’s Free Guided Christian Meditation sampler. Below you’ll find three time-honored meditation practices that are tailored to include communion with God. Meditation has long been touted to improve all areas of holistic health; mind, body, spirit, emotions, and relationships. As a Jesus Follower, I certainly find this to be true! Dedicating time to God not only for prayer and Bible study, but also to sit quietly and listen, to commune more deeply, and to rest in God’s peaceful presence exponentially builds on every benefit of meditation!

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Christian meditation Techniques

These 3 guided Christian meditations are inspired by traditional meditation techniques; Body Scan, Loving Kindness, and Mindfulness Meditation. The difference in these Christian meditation techniques is the inclusion of God as the source of all good gifts.

God created and intimately connected every part of our Mind, Body, and Spirit. Holistic Faith Meditations are a great way to seek God with your entire being and reflect God’s goodness in your life.

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Guided Christian Meditation, Body Scan

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Our mind is often going in many thought directions while our bodies are performing other tasks on auto-pilot.

Body Scanning allows us to reconnect the mind and body. Afterward, you should feel a sense of connectivity or awareness in the body.

Body Scans train the mind to notice and be aware without demanding a reaction. This is very helpful outside of meditation when we encounter an emotional situation and also when we’re ready to fall asleep at bedtime.

For the first time, aim for a 5 minute session. This will allow for 2-3 minutes of sitting in full awareness following your body scan.  

This can be done any time of day but you may find value in starting and finishing your day with a Body Scan.

Done in the morning, you can visualize enlivening each part of your body. Done before bed, you might visualize turning off each part.

You may also enjoy this YHWH Body Scan + Breathing Exercise, Guided Christian Meditation YouTube video.


Guided Christian Meditation, Loving Kindness

Loving Kindness Meditation is a self-care technique that sets an intention for compassion and forgiveness; first towards yourself and then towards others. Believing you are God’s goes a long way in reducing stress and granting forgiveness. This traditional practice easily lends itself to Christian meditation techniques!

We start by affirming God’s gifts within ourself then bless others through prayer. This Christian Loving Kindness meditation should feel like a warm hug with a healing spiritual boost! If affirming oneself proves difficult, check out Holistic Faith Lifestyle’s Guide to Writing Your Own Affirmations in a way that aligns with God’s truth.

Guided Christian Meditation, Mindfulness Exercise

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Mindfulness can be done even when you don’t have time to meditate! Mindfulness is the opposite of acting on auto-pilot.

Mindfulness is simply being aware of your five senses, your thoughts and emotions without too much reaction.

Just about every activity you do can be performed with more attention!

This Christian meditation technique for mindfulness includes a one-word mantra. Repeating this word, which likely has no memory or point of reference associated with it, helps with letting thoughts and emotions go whenever they become distracting during your quiet meditation time.

Practicing mindfulness for a set period of time each day will set a foundation for being more present all of the time. We could say, “practice makes presence!”.



Wondering how to get started with meditation while also safeguarding your spirit? I get it! Meditation is a natural, instinctive way to connect with God. And while you can listen to non-Christian meditations and change the mantras and interpret them through a Child of God lens, it can get distracting. That’s exactly why I began writing my own Christian meditations and now share them with you!

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