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Finding practical holistic Christian resources can be daunting. There is so much material to wade though!

But finding positive Holistic Christian resources can feel near impossible. Unfortunately, the organized church tends to warn against intuitive things for fear it may compete with our faith in God. Individuals using alternative, intuitive methods can be falsely accused as being self-serving, idolizing people who give undue power to the self, nature, contemplation and even spirituality itself!

Trust that Holistic Faith Lifestyle has you covered! Here you’ll find resources for your holistic Christian walk that will help you seek (and find!) sacred in the everyday.

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HOLISTIC CHRISTIAN Resources to help develop an attitude of GratitudE


We all need to nurture ourselves in times of pain. That is why the support of loved ones is so crucial. They hold us when we cannot hold ourselves. We can also add in gratitude to buoy ourselves. It does not erase pain but it allows us to breathe through it.

Is Gratitude “Polly-anna” in such dark times?“, by Tanmeet Sethi, MD

Since all gratitude celebrates belonging, we can understand the inclination of the human heart to project thankfulness back from social to cosmic belonging. But when we super-impose thankfulness on our primordial gratefulness, we have to be extremely careful not to press the conceptual framework of giver, gift, and recipient too far. Otherwise, we end up with a god who is just another person, and whose kindness is measured by the gifts we receive. This has landed not a few religious people into the trap of dualism, where they sit chewing on the old conundrum, How can God be kind, yet give us gifts which we cannot possibly recognize as tokens of kindness?

Are You Thankful Or Are You Grateful?“, Br. David Steindl-Rast, OSB

Podcasts to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude

Here are a few of my favorite podcast episodes to create and preserve your gratitude mindset!

#156: Shawn Achor, The Science Behind Gratitude

While so much of science is dedicated to finding the causes and cures for depression, anxiety, and stress, Shawn Achor studies the opposite. He is a happiness researcher. Achor looks at the science of happiness and uses research-based techniques to make us more optimistic and help us lead happier lives.

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Gratitude v. Entitlement

From the Happiness Matters Podcast published by the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkley. This episode shares a strategy for raising happy children. SPOILER: It is the conscious practice of gratitude! Learn how and why to raise kids who are more grateful than entitled.

holistic christian resources from The Holistic Faith Lifestyle blog

Being grounded is an anchored heart posture that lets us stand firm when troubles come.

By using these verses to center and ground ourselves, we are inviting God to work in us. I like choosing one to use as a centering thought before meditation and keeping them in my purse for when I need an instant reset. Better than any Ctrl+Alt+Delete!

See the original blog post here.

prayer for everything

Setting this Prayer for Everything wallpaper as your lock screen will help keep you grounded and mindful of what’s most important even in those sticky situations!

It’s a big claim to say it’s THE prayer for everything, but take a check out the post for why I think it is the best “ask” we can offer for someone else and the most peace-giving prayer for ourselves.

Access the original post, One Prayer for Everything.

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