What does a Christian Spiritual Empowerment Coach do?

A Spiritual Empowerment Coach, much like a Mindset and Empowerment Coach, is someone who uses a holistic approach to help you connect with your core values and desires, set healthy boundaries around what’s needed for growth, and overcome the limiting beliefs and unhealthy thought and behavior patterns that have held you back. This cumulative approach used by many spiritual empowerment coaches helps clients feel more ready, willing, able, safe, and deserving of growth and success.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit

A Christian Spiritual Empowerment Coach will bring their faith and the faith of the client into their coaching model.

For me, this started before I set up practice. In completing college coursework that would prepare me to sit for the national Wellness Coaching boards, I asked fellow Christian women, “What comes to mind when you hear the word empowerment?”, followed by “How does ‘spiritual empowerment’ fit into your Christian faith?”.

Answers to the first question included restoration and strengthening of marginalized people, lifting someone up, and strengthening from the inside. Beautiful, right? But as for the second question, I got a lot of wide eyes and long pauses before these friends said they’d never considered how empowerment might be something they were missing in their faith – much less working with a spiritual empowerment coach!

I think that’s because as a whole, Christians are taught to lean on God in all things, and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit only. These beautiful truths should empower us to grow in our faith, achieve our goals, and love people better!

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Instead of prompting us to lean in, our limiting beliefs and trapped emotions place focus on the shadow side of things, repeating over and over how we aren’t really ready or willing to invite God’s power into our lives, how even if we somehow got ready and willing, we wouldn’t be able to pull it off consistently, and why it doesn’t even matter anyway because we aren’t really deserving of power. And plus, deep down, there’s a sinking feeling that doing it God’s way would endanger our identity and flip everything upside down. While some of this concern is rooted in truth, none of it is impermeable to God’s power and grace.

The primal brain’s misuse of information (i.e. Limiting Beliefs), causes so many Christians to reject being empowered by the Holy Spirit! As a Christian Spiritual Empowerment Coach, I want to be clear about where this spiritual empowerment comes from; it is God who strengthens us from within. Ahead of every coaching session, I make a point to pause and invite the Holy Spirit’s wisdom and counsel. I ask for eyes to see and that my words be guided both in my questions and in the way I respond. And I pray for the client to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to separate the truth from lies and find confidence to lean on God’s promises.

Holistic Faith Spiritual Empowerment Coaching Model

As a Christian Spiritual Empowerment Coach, Flower Essence Practitioner, & candidate for Board Certification as a Holistic Nutrition Professional, Registered Herbalist, & Wellness Coach, I work 1:1 with clients on self-discovery. This self-discovery part is an important part of the Spiritual Empowerment Coaching Model.

That’s because empowerment is all about becoming stronger and more confident, and connecting with your strengths. As a Christian, you’ve been given countless spiritual gifts as part of your inheritance, as well as natural gifts and character traits that uniquely surface in all humans. These gifts should be utilized to grow in your faith, achieve your goals, and love people better.

Self-discovery leads to greater awareness of your values, core beliefs, and deepest desires, which can strengthen your confidence; especially when you see things that are of God and not your own doing. Gaining awareness of your strengths and the work God is doing, brings confidence about the future!

It can also be uncomfortable when you bump up against things you wish were different. Acknowledging these things, inviting God’s help and seeking or granting forgiveness, are powerful steps to making lasting change. You can’t release what you haven’t held! And thankfully, you have a God that tells you nothing can separate you from His love and to cast all your anxieties on Him because He cares for you. It is comforting to know that no matter what discomfort you encounter through self-discovery, God is waiting to absorb it on your behalf.

Consulting with a spiritual empowerment coach can help you get better acquainted with what lies in your heart and mind which goes a long way in being more intentional with setting and achieving your goals.

What is Empowerment Coaching?

Curious exactly what is Empowerment Coaching and what sessions look like? As a trained, professional Spiritual Empowerment Coach, I’ll guide you through exploring what’s beneath the surface to identify your individual strengths, determine what changes you want to make and set SMART Goals for taking steps in the right direction. You’ll also identify any foreseen obstacles and recall resources you already have so you are prepared to overcome them!

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What does an Empowerment Coach Do?

It varies from coach to coach, but in my 1:1 Spiritual Empowerment Coaching sessions, I

  • Pitch some questions and do even more listening to help us both get a deeper understanding of what you’re facing.
  • Guide you in setting goals that are measurable and achievable.
  • Talk through and prepare for any obstacles.
  • Provide tools and spiritual empowerment resources for (re)discovering your strengths and gifts, equipping you for growth and lasting change.

One tool I use for deeper self-discovery is guided energy work. Everything is made of and holds energy. We talk about it loosely by saying we love someone’s energy, or that you could feel the tension in the room. As a Christian, I see that energetic vibration as an outgrowth of all things existing in and through God for His glory. 

Energy work can be likened to an archaeology expedition; unearthing and excavating trapped emotions. With that removed, you can make space for your truest identity; which is your identity in Christ. The modalities I use most frequently are Christian EFT Tapping and homeopathic Flower Essence Remedies.

How can a Spiritual Empowerment Coach help you?

Hey, I’m one of those! And I can help with the following and more.

  • Stop striving for salvation and rest in your divine inheritance!
  • Discover how generational patterns, cultural expectations, family stories, and inherited beliefs are limiting or supporting your growth in every aspect of life.
  • Really connect with your identity in Christ and who you are purposed to be.
  • Find motivation to set goals and do what’s needed to achieve them.
  • Get clear about what’s bringing you down so you can lay it at Jesus’s feet.
  • Gain the tools to make lasting changes.

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