Even as the terms limiting beliefs and self-limiting beliefs grow into more commonplace terms, much of the topic may still be unclear. If you find yourself wondering any of the following things, know that you are not alone. And rest assured, you’ll find answers and resources for all of these questions in the info below!

  • What are limiting beliefs examples?
  • How do you identify self-limiting beliefs?
  • How do you get rid of self-limiting beliefs?
  • And how do limiting beliefs harm us?

Just to be sure we’re covering all the bases, let’s review exactly what these beliefs entail. Self-limiting beliefs are assumptions and convictions that constrain and prevent growth. They can be formed at any point in our life, but usually, they begin early on when your perspective as a child is pretty limited. Sometimes self-limiting beliefs are even-handed down from generation to generation. However your self-limiting beliefs began, the overreaching boundary was meant to be a protective measure. Though these beliefs now only serve to limit you, they can be difficult to overcome without the right tools.

Self-Limiting Beliefs Examples

Self-limiting beliefs can present themselves as something as simple as, “I don’t have time.” But the limit is actually rooted much deeper and held in place by fear. Likely the issue is deeper as shown in the self-limiting beliefs examples below!

  • It’s not safe for me to manage my time because it is selfish to set my own priorities.
  • I’m not able to manage my time because if I build in time for myself other people won’t love me.
  • I’m unwilling to manage my time because I don’t want the additional responsibilities I may get if I’m successful!
  • I’m not ready to manage my time because I don’t trust myself to do a good job.
  • I don’t deserve to manage my own time because I can’t be trusted with this authority.

Do you see how these self-limiting beliefs could have at one time served to protect you, but now only serve to limit your growth? We’ll review several techniques below for kicking these old, outgrown beliefs to the curb! First, let’s figure out how they get started in the first place.

How Are Self-Limiting Beliefs Formed in the First Place?

These all probably sound wild and crazy, overreaching and misguided thoughts. And that’s the case with all self-limiting beliefs. So how exactly are these thought patterns formed? How exactly does a person of sound mind allow such things to take root in their life?

  1. We experience pain.
  2. Our mind draws conclusions about how to prevent this pain from occurring again.
  3. Self-limiting beliefs are born!

It is clear to see that very little conscious thought goes into the creation of self-limiting beliefs. This is especially true in our childhood where many of these beliefs first set up residence in our mind, heart, and soul.


3 Techniques for Clearing Self-Limiting Beliefs

1. Lean Into the Holy Spirit To Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

“If you love me, keep my commands. And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— the Spirit of truth.” John 14: 5-17 (NIV)

Jesus left us the Holy Spirit. This Spirit of truth is the part of the triune that:

  • saves us,
  • fills us with the spirit of God
  • gives us spiritual gifts for carrying out our roles as children of God
  • seals our hearts for eternity,
  • and provides us with knowledge outside of ourselves
  • intercession for us when we are weak or do not know how to pray

Asking the Holy Spirit to show you who you are in Christ and remind you about the character of God is supremely helpful in clearing self-limiting beliefs. This works on the go, too! Feeling plagued by your limits? Haunted by an “old” issue you thought was done? Simply pray for the Holy Spirit to grant you peace and understanding over who you are in God.

“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and remind you of all that I said to you.” ~John 14:26

Limiting Beliefs Worksheet

This is a great tool to use in conjunction with your prayer time! Just click below for immediate access to this Limiting Beliefs Worksheet which has thought prompts and places to jot down your answers, scriptures, and Bible affirmations.

It is the perfect guide for uncovering and uprooting limiting self-beliefs. For max benefit, pray and invite the Holy Spirit to provide insight into self-imposed limits or limits that have been reinforced in your life that you don’t currently see. Ask for knowledge and understanding to see how they began and the power to move forward in grace.

limiting beliefs worksheet



2. Use Christian Meditation to overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs

For us as Jesus Followers, we can take what we observe about ourselves and present it to God in open, honest surrender! Christian mindfulness and guided Christian meditation are supportive tools for what we’ve learned from inviting in the Holy Spirit and to keep our hearts open to this diving wisdom, understanding, and comfort.

Meditation trains you in both relaxing and observing with heightened focus. Imagine being able to notice you’re getting angry or that you’re annoyed, then pause to let it pass or determine if a response is needed. It takes practice, but this is a widely known benefit of meditation.

Free Sample Meditation for Overcoming Self-Limiting Beliefs

Here’s a meditation on Spring Cleaning the Mind, which is the perfect follow-up to the Limiting Beliefs Worksheet. Removing limiting beliefs is a process of peeling back layers, so set some time aside to get started and see where God leads you.

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3. Overcome Self-Limiting Beliefs with Bible Affirmations

A Holistic Faith Lifestyle realizes God is deeply connected to every part of our mind, body, and spirit as well as the world in which we live. Walking in a holistic faith lets you welcome God’s wisdom, love, and peace in every section of your life, even those not typically viewed as spiritual.

The tough part about clearing self-limiting beliefs is that they began due to something you actually experienced. Whether that experience was something you fully understood or not, has no impact on how tightly the belief is held. Sometimes after exploring deeply, the reason for a belief will remain unclear. But aligning your thoughts with what God says about you limits the power of anything standing in opposition and that includes YOU.

Have you ever thought, “If I could just get out of my own way, I could…”?  Me, too! It’s a large part of why I created this free resource which helps you explore your thoughts and correct any mistruths.

Interested in writing your own Bible affirmations? Check out this instant download!


Bonus Clearing Limiting Belief Technique!

Flower essences are a natural emotional healing remedy that help immensely with gently pulling back the layers of self-limiting beliefs. This subtle and therapeutic modality first gained my support by aiding my child with taming panic attacks in early elementary school. We kept a specific blend on hand and stocked with the school nurse, who now also keeps a supply with her to avoid the same pop-up anxieties!

Flower essence remedies are typically blended recipes that include no more than 7 individual essences. For as many flowers that exist, there is a nuanced approach for releasing old patterns of thought and behavior through clearing trapped emotions.

One blend I love for clearing limiting beliefs is one only available in the Common Good shop. It’s been so effective, I call it my Self-Sabotage Antivenom!

It is a powerfully healing flower essence blend for anyone looking to break out of old ruts of thought and behavior. It also offers significant support when doing limiting belief work.

Self-Aid is indicated for:

  • Halting limiting beliefs that tell you insecurity, fear, and other internal battles are helping to keep you safe.
  • Recognizing your true nature & finding freedom in transitioning into your fully-integrated self.
  • Emerging from trauma and limit-reinforcing events with a new sense of purpose and passion for moving forward toward your goals.

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