So often when people ask about how to do Christian meditation, I believe they are actually voicing concern over how to meditate effectively without compromising their faith. Usually the question of “how to?” is linked with things like:

How do you meditate as a Christian?

Can you meditate while being a Christian?

How do I begin meditating on God?

Whether you’re comfortable with the idea and just looking to go further in your practice, or just beginning to explore the idea, I’m honored to be your guide!

What’s the Focus of the ‘How to Do Christian Meditation’ Series?

Each video in the How To Do Christian Meditation series explores popular meditation techniques for relaxation and focus. After briefly reviewing the time-honored methods, we will transition our focus on how to use the practice to connect more closely with God. I’m honored to be your guide in using Christian meditation to strengthen your faith!

Holistic Faith Lifestyle’s Guided Christian Meditation exercises include an introduction to help ground and center you, followed by self-led quiet time.

This is your time and there aren’t any special requirements! Choose a space that is relatively quiet and free from clutter. Sit comfortably or lie down if you prefer. Close your eyes or soften your gaze. Hands may rest gently on the lap or knees. You might like to dim the lighting or opt for natural light only.

Many times, guided Christian meditations are filled start to finish with discussion. My Holistic Faith Meditations intentionally include the wisdom quotient of silence and stillness found in traditional meditation.

While centering ourselves on God by hearing the Word is invaluable, we know God works when we surrender. Sometimes all we need in order to hear from God is to be quiet, which is why we include both a guided time and a period of silence.


What Are The Benefits of Meditation?

Meditation allows us to dismiss nagging thoughts and tasks so we may bask in stillness. Even when this is done for a short time each day, the benefits are astounding!


Benefits of Daily Meditation

  • Lower Stress & Anxiety
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
  • Increased Attention Span
  • Greater Sense of Kindness & Compassion toward Self & Others
  • Reduction in Physical Pain
  • Improved Emotional Health
  • Better Memory
  • Greater Self-Awareness

Benefits of Daily Christian Meditation

Using Christian meditation allows you to enjoy each and every one of these proven benefits of daily meditation, with the added benefits to practically living out your faith!

  • Learn to sit quietly in the presence of God.
  • Gain margin to check in with God before responding to stress.
  • Take thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10:5).
  • Remain in a “pray without ceasing” heart posture outside of your meditation practice.
  • Strengthen your dependence on God.
  • Encourage others with kindness and compassion (Ephesians 4:29).
  • Keep your conversations full of grace (Colossians 4:6).

Learning how to do Christian meditation goes a long way in growing your relationship with God, yourself, and others!

Find out more by clicking the image to your left or here: These 5 Benefits of Meditation Also Strengthen Your Walk with God.



This free 5-Day How To Do Christian Meditation series is a great way to get started with your daily practice. Register today and begin reaping the benefits of daily meditation in your mental, emotional, physical, relational, and spiritual health!

Looking forward to meditating with you!

Be blessed,

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